Patrizia Tinelli
Patrizia Tinelli
    Patrizia Tinelli is the winner of People’s Bead 2022. When designing the bead, she was inspired by many things as well as nothing in particular: those tiny pink flowers popping up on the bare trees, the natural cycle of life that surrounds us - especially upon a period where everything seems to be lost, almost dead - the spring coming up, her sister's name (Gemma). She reckoned all these elements could gather in a simple, smart and nice design.
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    Patrizia Tinelli was born in Ravenna, Italy in 1974 and grew up in Sanremo, where she still lives with her large family. She is the mother of three children. She loves them very much and strives to be a brave, lively, balanced and attentive mother.  Patrizia is also very fond of animals and particularly dogs are special to her – a kind of furry angels.

    "“I wish I could convey a message to everyone.
    May you enjoy life; enjoy every little thing like taking a coffee with a friend, walk in nature, and swim at sea. Go listening to music, painting, planting flowers, photographing, writing poetry and hanging out with people, who make your life precious.
    Do not surround yourself with people just to not feeling alone. You might actually learn a lot from loneliness and get to know yourself better. Do not fill the silence with empty chatter. Love yourself.”

    Patrizia has been a nurse for more than twenty years, and she enjoys caring after patients. It is a job that drains lots of energy, and when the stress gets high, she likes taking a break and diving into the wild nature. It is amazing how a short walk in the woods can help recharging the batteries.

    Patrizia belongs to the generation who had fun with pastimes and games in the open air, those simple and healthy activities that made you feel rich by just owning a bag plenty of glass marbles.

    Her passion for Trollbeads likely originates from those days. Beads are small, colored and perfectly decorated glass items that remind her of the marbles from her childhood. The beads bring a touch of a magical world with mythic creatures, flowers and animals.


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